Hands-On Technical Training

3-Day Training – August 26th, 27th and 28th

Early Bird (< 31st May): USD2199

Normal (> 1st June): USD2999

3-DAY TRAINING 1 – Advanced Real-World Penetration Testing

Trainer: Vivek Ramachandran (Founder/CEO, Pentester Academy) & Nishant Sharma (R&D Manager, Pentester Academy)

Seats Available: 7


3-DAY TRAINING 2 – Advanced Fuzzing & Crash Analysis

Trainer: Richard Johnson (Director of Security Research, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

Seats Available: 1


3-DAY TRAINING 3 – In & Out: Network Data Exfiltration Techniques

Trainer: Leszek Mis (Founder, Defensive Security)

Seats Available: 6


3-DAY TRAINING 4 – Red Teaming as a Service: Simulating Blackhat Attacks for Organisations

Trainer: Himanshu Sharma (Co-Founder, BugsBounty) & Aman Sachdev (Red Team Pentester, Bugsbounty)

Seats Available: CLASS CANCELLED


3-DAY TRAINING 5 – A Practical Approach to Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics

Trainer: Monnappa K A (Information Security Investigator, Cisco Systems)

Seats Available: 14


3-DAY TRAINING 6 – Modern Malware Analysis: Detection, Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Trainer: Josh Stroschein (Senior Consultant and Trainer, VDA Labs)

Seats Available: 17


3-DAY TRAINING 7 – Offensive Open Source Intelligence

Trainer: Sudhanshu Chauhan (Associate Director, NotSoSecure) & Shubham Mittal (CTO, NEOTAS)

Seats Available: CLASS CANCELLED


3-DAY TRAINING 8 – Bughunting Bootcamp – Discovering 0day

Trainer: Eldar “Wireghoul” Marcussen (Lead Security Researcher, DarkMatter)

Seats Available: 16

2-Day Training – August 27th and 28th

Early Bird (< 31st May): USD1499

Normal (> 1st June): USD2199

2-DAY TRAINING 9 – Offensive Whiteboard Hacking Training For Penetration Testers

Trainer: Sebastien Deleersnyder (Co-Founder, Toreon)

Seats Available: CLASS CANCELLED


2-DAY  TRAINING 10 – Practical cellular network (3G/4G/5G) security and attacks

Trainer: Ravishankar Borgaonkar (Research Scientist, Sintef Digital), Altaf Shaik (Security Researcher, Kaitiaki Labs)

Seats Available: CLASS CANCELLED


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