Xiaodong Zou HiTeam Institute of Software Engineering

Xiaodong Zou (aka Seeker), Call-sign: BD4ET, Entrepreneur, Educator, Investor and Hacker. Seeker has 22 years’ of executive management and higher education experience as the founder of HiTeam Institute of Software Engineering. As an independent network security researcher focus on telecommunication and IOT, Seeker has done a lot of research works on hacking air interface of LTE/UMTS/GSM, cellular RAN and core networks, signaling protocols like SS7, Diameter, interconnections via GRX/IPX, firmware of femtocells and IOT devices, and baseband of mobile phones. He is one of the most active security researcher in telecommunication networks. Research Interest: 1.Cellular Network Security 2.Internet of Things (IoT) Security 3.5G Mobile Edge Computing Conference Talks: 1.from HAM Radio to 5G: the Evolution of Wireless Communication and it’s Security, Defcon 010 at Internet Security Conference 2018. 2.from Pocket Fake Base Station to Hand-held True Base Station, KCon 2017. 3.Telecommunication Devices Selling on Tabobao and the threat to IoT Security, Cyber Security Summit 2017. 4.Network Intrusion Starting from a Cellular Phone, xKungfoo 2017. 5.Advanced Hacking Through Rogue Base Station: Taking Down All SMS Verification Codes, KCon 2016.

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