Barry Greene 25 Year Veteran of Internet Security

With 30 years of “cyber-security” experience, has been responsible for pioneering tools for DDOS defense, has orchestrated industry-wide responses to direct threats to the Internet, been an advisor to governments, and was responsible for building the “ global trust community” of security professionals, which enabled effective takedowns of the cyber security threats and criminals. Recognized as the instrumental lead in the creation of this industry’s operational security community.

As an Executive, specializes in making operations profitable for networking, telecommunications, and Internet technologies. Over 30 years of hands experience building networks, is now an international expert on building capacity, resiliency, and profitable services. Proven leadership experience having led teams large or small, within one company and between companies in the industry. Has taken roles such as lead engineer, marketing and sales, product management, and team builder for consulting teams. Been responsible for P&L in service providers, equipment vendors, and software companies. Business development skills include “go to market”​ strategies,” and taking innovation from the inception to multi-billion dollar industry-wide deployments. Key strengths include building culturally diverse, cross-functional teams using multi-generational experiences to deliver results. Also has a deep insight into the Asian ICT market over 20 years experience in this region.

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