Marina Krotofil Senior Security Consultant, European Network for Cyber Security (The Hague)

Marina is Senior Security Consultant at European Network for Cyber Security. She has a vast hands-on engineering experience in several fields. Most recently she completed her doctoral degree in ICS security at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. Marina has maintained her practical and industry-oriented research focus through collaborations with several industrial partners, white-hat hackers and participation in EU projects. She is the author of the Damn Vulnerable Chemical Process framework – an open-source platform for cyber-physical security experimentation based on the realistic models of chemical plants. Marina has written more than a dozen of papers on the on cyber-physical exploitation and defense and fundamentals of secure control. She gives workshops on cyber-physical exploitation and is a frequent speaker at the leading ICS security venues. She holds an MBA in Technology Management, MSc in Telecommunications, MSc in Information and Communication Systems

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