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Title Author(s) Votes
Traversing the Kill-Chain: The New Shiny in 2018 Vincent Yiu 6
NFC Payments: The Art of Relay & Replay Attacks Salvador Mendoza 4
The Road to iOS Sandbox Escape Rani Idan 4
Viewer Discretion Advised: (De)coding an iOS Vulnerability Adam Donenfeld 4
From Assembly to JavaScript and Back: Turning Memory Errors into Code Execution with Client-Side Compilers Robert Gawlik 3
A Year of Purple: Stories, Challenges and Lessons from the Frontlines Ryan Shepherd 3
Bicycle Day: Hacking BLE Bicycle Locks for Fun and (a Small) Profit Vincent Tan 3
Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword? A First Look Into The Security of The Apple Pencil and the Apple SmartKeyboard Stefan Esser 3
Post Exploit Goodness on a Mainframe: Special is the New Root Ayoub Elaassal 3
Unusual Windows Insider Preview Exploitation James Lee 3
GOD MODE UNLOCKED: Hardware Backdoors in x86 CPUs Christopher Domas 3
Ghost in the Locks: Owning Electronic Locks Without Leaving a Trace Tomi Tuominen and Timo Hirvonen 2
FILE Structures: Another Binary Exploitation Technique An-Jie Yang (Angeboy) 2
Let Me Entertain You: Car Infotainment Hacking and Attack Surface Scenarios Jay Turla 2
Exploiting Automation in LTE Mobile Networks Altaf Shaik & Ravishankar Borgaonkar 2
unKRACK: Mitigating Future WPA2 Vulnerabilities Mathy Vanhoef 2
Deep Hooks: Monitoring Native Execution in WoW64 Applications Yarden Shafir & Assaf Carlsbad 2
Telecom Battlefield: How SS7 Trojans Bypass All Existing Security Features Sergey Puzankov 2
TwitIntel: Social Media Data Analytics for Black/Grey and White-Hats Fyodor Yarochkin, Vladimir Kropotov & Lion Gu 2
Using SmartNICs to Provide Better Data Center Security Ofir Arkin 1
The Role of Remote Access Trojans in the Malware Ecosystem: How njRAT Forged its Way Into History Veronica Valeros 1
Offensive and Offended Machine Learning Omar "Beched" Ganiev 1
Index This: What We Can Learn from Log Search Nikolay Akatyev & Cyril Quitevis 1
Side Channel Attacks on a Quantum Key Distribution System Martina Bodini 1
Hunting PBX for Vulnerabilities Sachin Wagh & Himanshu Mehta 1
DARWIN (a real world use case of covert wireless) Rushikesh D. Nandedkar 1
Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Open Source Libraries: A Primer Bruno Bossola 1
Generative Adversarial Malware: Arming Malware with GANs Maria Rigaki 1
Busting the DLP Myth Using Data Mining and Machine Learning Dani Goland 1
Breaking Ed: Hacking Oracle JD-Edwards Systems Vladimir Egorov & Mikhail Medvedev 1
The Cassandra Curse: Believe me, You Will Need Machine Learning. Stratosphere IPS for Malware Traffic Detection Sebastian Garcia 0
DNS Exfiltration and Out-of-Band Attacks Nitesh Shilpkar 0
Beware of the Bashware: A New Method for Any Malware to Bypass Security Solutions Gal Elbaz 0
Detecting APT Attacks Against Active Directory Using Machine Learning Wataru Matsuda & Mariko Fujimoto 0
Defending Cloud Infrastructure with Cloud Security Suite Jayesh Singh Chauhan 0
Swimming IoT: A Hackers Journey into the (in)Security of Modern Yachts Stephan Gerling 0
Black Box Threat Modeling Avi Douglen 0
Building Blocks of a Corporate Sized Fraud Prevention System Yury Leonychev 0
Secure Trade: Exposing Security Flaws in Trading Technologies Alejandro Hernandez 0
Kingpin: Bypassing TCP Certificate-Pinning like a Boss Tal Melamed 0
Kernel Sanders: Bypassing Android Security Mechanisms Using a Custom Kernel SungHyoun Song 0
Keeping Containers Afloat Nir Valtman & Jason Patterson 0
Good Shell Gone Bad: Identifying Malicious PowerShell Michael Jay Villanueva & John Kevin Sanchez 0
FOCUS ON OTHER FEATURES: Hiding Tasks via Task Switching Kyeong Joo Jung 0
Flatliners: The Dire Consequence of Poor Hospital Security Xavier Mertens, John Opdenakker & Jelena Milosevic 0
SAP Incident Response: Real Life Examples on How to Attack and Defend Jordan Santarsieri 0
Red Teaming to Combat ICS Cyber Security Threats Michael Rebultan 0
Exposed Devices and Supply Chain Attacks: Overlooked Risks in Healthcare Networks Mayra Fuentes 0
A Methodology for Assessing JavaScript Software Protections Pedro Fortuna 0