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Red Teaming to Combat ICS Cyber Security Threats

Michael Rebultan

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Imagine life without electricity and fuel that controls and gives every comfort we have today; air-condition, the internet, cellular phone, medicines, air and land transportation, military defense, and even food and beverages we take. With the current landscape of cybersecurity threats to any industrial firms, this life can be destroyed in a blink of an eye anytime that no one is ready for survival.

This presentation will tackle both red teaming methodologies and threat modeling for industrial control system and the presenter will showcase security-in-depth where “air-gap” is not possible to implement within the organization to battle against both insider and cyber threats’ using sophisticated tools, techniques, and procedures.

Along with this, various industries best practices and compliance will be shared on this talk to ensure nothing will be miss-out in addressing the OT network security.


Spent more than 14 years as an IT professional, Research & Development, DFIR and ICS/SCADA vulnerability assessor and pen-tester in an Internet Branch Exchange company, with Master’s degree in Information Technology with major in e-Commerce security, certified ethical hacker, certified security analyst, certified cybercrime investigator, and attained Professional Graduate Diploma in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security in Singapore.