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Building Blocks of a Corporate Sized Fraud Prevention System

Yury Leonychev

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An EC company with millions of customers in very complex and diversified business environment. EC companies, like Rakuten Inc., always under pressure of massive targeted and untargeted attacks onto their customers. Different possibilities of accounts monetization attracts fraudsters, and increases level of risks. This is a common problem for current internet giants.

In this talk, I will cover how we have built large scale fraud prevention system, which can protect customers on different levels of company ecosystem. Step by step I will explain how you can add additional levels of protection, to survive under constant attacks. I want to show how to mitigate some challenges related to reliability and reaction time. And how combination of different techniques, including machine learning, can improve detection quality.


I have experience in information security since 2008. Took part in multiple CTF competitions as a member of MSLC team. I have developed security projects for several companies including major Russian financial institutions. 3 year I have been a security officer in amazing Yandex Security Team, where I have protected millions of customers. I have made some malware detection and fraud prevention projects based on machine learning technologies. Currently I'm a member one of the core departments of Rakuten Inc. One of the major world EC companies, where I'm still protecting customers from fraud and other types of attacks.