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Flatliners: The Dire Consequence of Poor Hospital Security

Xavier Mertens, John Opdenakker & Jelena Milosevic

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Hospitals are attractive places for criminal hackers. With access to critical medical records and personally identifiable information, there is great op portunity to exploit the patients and the employee.

The consequences of bad security are huge and can cause harm, both to the patient and to employees. Criminal behaviour can go unnoticed for long periods. Without proper security controls, patient records can be manipulated. You can imagine the consequences that could happen.

In this presentation we will like to present:

1.The research of 97 hospitals in The Netherlands and 100 hospitals in USA,

The research was on

2. Re-research year later/the results In this research nmap was used too.

3. The tech info about what and how the infromation at the site can be manipulated, by Xavier Mertens and John Opdenakker. They will also show the demo

4. The organisation and communication problem Communication from outside (reports) with IT department trying to reach the people from infosec Organisation at the hospitals that should also care about security of the site.

5. The consequences, for the patient and for the employee.


Xavier Mertens aka “xme“, proud Dad of two kids, information security consultant by day, security blogger and hacker at night

Jelena Milosevic, peadiatric and ICU nurse, last 3 years active in infosecurity

John Opdenakker ethical hacker & application security engineer