Bruno Bossola Data Platform, Head of Software Development, Tesco PLC

Bruno has 30 years of solid experience in building enterprise applications with various technologies and infrastructures, with extensive knowledge of the Java platform and an immense curiosity on what’s new in the sector. He’s an Agile Coach, passionate about agile processes, software engineering, trained in XP and Scrum, with 15+ years of agile work from the trenches. He developed distributed objects and large-scale application for the enterprise using RMI, CORBA, and J2EE.

In 1999 he coaches one of the first group that adopts XP (eXtreme Programming) method in Italy. In 2002 he has co-founder of Java User Group Torino, in 2005 he’s recognized as international Java Champion, He has been promoting Java technologies as a speaker in Italy at developer conferences like Webbit, AgileDay, JavaConference, Javaday and in Europe at Devoxx, Jazoon, and Geecon. Since 2009 he lives in London, where he set up and ran a startup company which brought cutting-edge open source niche solutions to the enterprise ALM Software.

He’s now working in leadership positions in engineering and recently co-founded a new startup in the cybersecurity space.

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