COMMSEC: Threat Hunting 101: Become the Hunter


Threat Hunting took the Information Security world by storm in 2016. Its introduction as the solution to the now outdated SOC model has created a new breed of security professionals – Threat Hunters. People with both offensive and defensive skills who proactively hunt through the unknown for the next APT.

This talk aims to continue the discussion around Threat Hunting but also moves onto how to actually become an effective Threat Hunter in 2017. Areas such as skillset, what the role entails day to day and how to hunt for the unknown will be covered based on the best Threat Hunting team in the industry, and their journey since their inception. These different skill areas will then be showcased through a technical case study based on some of the hunts Countercept has carried out over the years, and use them to bring to life the key stages of an attack scenario. This is an unprecedented opportunity for both security professionals and enthusiasts to find out exactly what it takes to be a Threat Hunter, and thereby get introduced to Threat Hunting as a whole.

At present, many professionals who hold cyber security roles already have skills and experience which are ready to be leveraged for Threat Hunting within their organisation and thus meet the ever increasing demand for it. Others are interested in pursuing this up and coming role as a new career path. All that remains is for them to be introduced to the core Threat Hunting concepts along with the information they need to prepare themselves adequately. This presentation will cover all the relevant areas needed to address this demand. The world needs more Threat Hunters and you can do something about it.

This talk aims to have a balance of abstract and technical material in an effort to benefit anyone attending. Given that this will be presented at HITB GSEC, it will also be a special call to women who are passionate about security to apply for this unique role.

Location: BALLROOM 3 Date: August 24, 2017 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Hamza Beghal