COMMSEC: Insecurity in 2017: 0-days Are The Least of Our Problems


The Internet and the security industry have been on fire for the last several months with threats that are plaguing the Internet: worms and SMB vulnerabilities. Wait is it 2017 or 2003? It’s obvious that we are failing at basic security. Case in point: 991,812. That’s how many internet-connected hosts were listening on port 445 as of May 19th 2017.

This talk will discuss how everything is cyclical and the last handful of years we have regressed from strong security controls to one of data access and holes in firewalls. The slippery slope between data access, security, and the latest and greatest protections have lead to a place where everyone is obsessed with being attacked by 0-day, while leaving SMB open on the Internet. We will cover some of the current events driving this conversation, the ways this has been repeated in the past, and the things we need to do as security professionals to stop the madness going forward.

Location: BALLROOM 3 Date: August 24, 2017 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Nick Biasini