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Good Hackers Go to Heaven, Great Hackers Go Everywhere

Christina Kubecka

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A delightful journey into critical infrastructure discovery, OSINT, vulnerabilities and testing techniques. Bring your laptop, a browser and curiosity. Expand your consciousness into the moving world of operational technology hacking. If a vulnerable infrastructure asset can be found on the internet, it’s still highly likely it can be controlled. A crash course for infrastructure theoretical and applied hacking.

Why ICS security is an afterthought and how proprietary does not equal invincibility. An introduction to the ICS/SCADA protocols versus IT/IoT. Recent digitization, connecting what was once air gapped to the cloud for remote access and control. ICS protocols, analysis and attacks. Recent case studies which cross over IT and ICS. Learn how to use various types of search engines to find critical infrastructure, avoiding honeypots, protocol weaknesses, exploits and methods of testing.

About Christina Kubecka

Christina Kubecka is an experienced, committed, energetic, and certified IT security expert who is passionate about finding solutions. She has 21 years of relevant, professional experience, ranging from military, government, public, and private businesses. Setting up the IT security unit and program greenfield for the EMEA Saudi Aramco affiliate, a world-class security and network operations center. Chris is a member of the Executive Steering Committee with the Cyber Senate. She has chaired, presented and authored at leading industry conferences. Recently authoring several penetration testing and awareness training courses; as well as, penetration testing books. She is on the board as Secretary of Geeks Without Boards.