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Title Author(s) Votes
A Deep Dive into the Digital Weapons of the North Korean Cyber Army Ashley Shen 8
A New Era of SSRF - Exploiting URL Parsers in Trending Programming Languages! Orange Tsai 8
A Year In The Red Dominic Chell 8
Get to the Money: Hacking POS and POP Systems Dmitry Chastuhin 8
MythBusters: CVE-2017-5689 - How We Broke Intel AMT Dmitriy Evdokimov 8
NeuralFuzz: Neural Networks for Fuzzing Web Apps Ivan Novikov 8
QEMU Attack Surface and Security Internals Qiang Li 8
Ro(o)tten Apples: Vulnerability Heaven in the iOS Sandbox Adam Donenfeld 8
Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study of Microphone Bugs Veronica Valeros 8
XFLTReaT: A New Dimension in Tunnelling Balazs Bucsay 8
Radio Exploitation 101: Characterizing, Contextualizing, and Applying Wireless Attack Methods Matt Knight 6
Hacking Robots Before Skynet Lucas Apa 5
Echo Hacking: Demystifying Intelligent Personal Assistant Ashritha H 4
Threat Hunting: Be The Hunter, Not The Prey Hamza Beghal 4
Terrorist, Hacker, Consultant Spy: Applying Intelligence and Counterintelligence Techniques to Cyber Network Operations (CNO) Joseph Hesse 4
Securing a Private Blockchain Implementation Najwa Aaraj 4
Hunting for Vulnerabilities in Hadoop Thomas DEBIZE 4
Beyond Crashes: Exploiting Runtime Diversity to Uncover Semantic Bugs with NEZHA Adrian Tang 3
Catch Me If You Can: Building Your Own 3G IMSI Catcher Ravishankar Borgaonkar 3
Exploiting IoT Devices over Software Defined Radio, ZigBee, WiFi and BLE Swaroop Yermalkar 3
Cumulus - A Cloud Exploitation Toolkit Javier Godinez 3
Sophisticated SS7 Attacks - How to Intercept an SMS Message While Staying Stealthy Sergey Puzankov 2
Network Automation is Not Your Safe Haven: Protocol Analysis and Vulnerabilities of Autonomic Networks Omar Eissa 2
Component Hijacking on Android: From Birth to Death Daoyuan Wu 2
Are You Watching? Smart TV Hacking with 0-days Hanbyeol Ji 1
SSRF - Port Scanning with Skenpot Muhammad Fikri Ahmad Fadzil 1
Offensive IT Operations: Who Stole the Crown Jewels Tanoy Bose 1
When Your Firewall Goes Nuts Birk Kauer 1
Browser Exploits? Grab Them by The… Collar! Debasish Mandal 1
Diameter Security: An Auditor's Viewpoint Sergey Mashukov 0
Androsia: A Tool for Securing 'In Memory' Data Samit Anwer 0
Mobile App Attack Sneha Rajguru 0
The Lightway Approach to Building a Cloud Security Training Platform Hsu Chinghsiung 0
Mobile Apps vs Malware Łukasz Bobrek 0
What Could Go Wrong with Stateful Quantum Resistant Digital Signatures Najwa Aaraj 0
3rd Party Data Burns Arron Finnon 0
A Study of Exposed Unauthenticated Systems on the Internet Ryan Flores 0
Packet Brokers for Network Threats Analysis. Pros and Cons Andrey Dugin 0
Breaching Malware C2s for Fun and Prosecutions John Bambenek 0
Contemporary Malwares: Techniques and Kernel Tricks Alexandre Borges 0
Message in a Bottle: Attacking Distributed Nodes Chen Siyu 0
Looting Your Bank With the Help of the Government Indrajeet Bhuyan 0
iGoat – A Self Learning Tool for iOS App Pentesting and Security Swaroop Yermalkar 0
Hunting Hunters with OSInt Michael Rebultan 0
How to Hide Your Browser 0-days Zoltan Balazs 0
Google Dorks: Analysis, Creation, and New Defenses Flavio Toffalini 0
Era-Glonass is a Dome Above Us Arthur Garipov 0
Good Hackers Go to Heaven, Great Hackers Go Everywhere Christina Kubecka 0