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Hunting Hunters with OSInt

Michael Rebultan

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Passive and reactive are the common denominators of a security breached. With this presentation, proactive approach will be showcase for the IT security professionals who are specifically into Security Operation Centers, Analysis, and Forensics; where using Open Source Intelligence, adversaries can be defeated in no time. And when systems were already compromised, dwell time is much shorter than the average detection and remediation

Just like any adversaries, they enumerate as much data as possible on their targets; from Social Engineering up to the Command-and-Control level in utilizing the Open Source Intelligence.

Reversing the kill-Chain by proactively anticipating their attacks (Distributed Denial of Service, Bruteforce, Ransomware, Unauthorized Scanning, and other forms of Advanced Persistent Threats) is an efficient way of defending everyone's turf.

This talk I would be presenting and demonstrating different methodologies and tools that a security analyst and a cyber-forensic investigator could leverage as their Arsenal.

About Michael Rebultan

14 years in IT. Masters' degree holder in IT with major in E-Commerce and Security. CEH and ECSA/LPT certified.

Cyber Forensics and Incident Responder in a humble Data Center company, Splunker, Vulnerability Assessor and Penetration Tester, Malware Analyst, and trained Cyber-criminal investigator.