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The Lightway Approach to Building a Cloud Security Training Platform

Hsu Chinghsiung

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In recent years, the large scale cyber attack via the connection of BotNet has become a thorny issue of Global information security. Taiwan is always the main target of international hackers due to the high dense of information devices and computers in campuses are always the favorite of hackers.

To help tackle such an issue, the Ezilla, which is considered as a private Cloud toolkit ( integrated with OpenNebula), has been implemented by the CyberSecurity research team in the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), Taiwan.

Ezilla leverages OpenNebula and CyberSecuirty techniques, through which cloud users can easily customize and configure a specified Cloud security training environment. It is an extremely lightweight approach helping users to access virtual computing resources. The main feature of this project is simplifying the utilization of Clouds. Our goal is to make Cloud security scientists or users painlessly to run their own CyberSecurity jobs on Cloud platforms, including Cyber Defense Exercise, Malware Knowledge Base, etc.. Based on the proposed CyberSecurity Exercise Platform, we also develop new functions which are private Cloud information security training service, Capture the Flag (CTF) competition service, and virtual networking services for enterprise.

About Hsu Chinghsiung

I am an assistant engineer in the National Center for High-performance Computing and Network and Security Division, I am also the Contributor of The Honeynet Project Taiwan Chapter .now I have got the Certification of CEH and CSA STAR. My work includes Honeynet technology research, cybersecurity technology research and manage cloud platform. and assist with information education and training.