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Mobile Apps vs Malware

Łukasz Bobrek

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• mobile devices
• mobile banking users
• 4.000.000 mobile applications

Is it really possibly for malware authors to ignore such big and dynamically developing target for their products? This presentation will address the above-mentioned question as well as many others concerning mobile application security. Additionally, in-depth technical explanation of the most important groups of mobile malware, including examples and live demos will be presented.

This presentation will also cover basics of the reverse engineering process of the live mobile malware samples to demonstrate how malware really works.

About Łukasz Bobrek

IT Security specialist with the deep understanding of mobile and web technologies.
Mobile applications enthusiast with some experience with malware reverse engineering and former web developer.
Currently working in SecuRing, where my key responsibilities are security assessments of high-risk application and systems, including consultancy on each phase of development, threat modelling, risk assessment and penetration testing for the leading companies from financial, commercial and IT sector.
Speaker at the following IT Security conferences: BSides Warsaw, Confidence, Secure and NGSec.