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Era-Glonass is a Dome Above Us

Arthur Garipov

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At the moment in Russia, every new car is necessarily includes the "Era-Glonass" system. In Europe, a similar "eCall" system will become mandatory from next year. This presentation will consider the insecurity of such systems (using the Era-glonass device as an example).

At the beginning of the presentation, will be given a general understanding of the era-glonass and eCall systems Next will be shown. the reverse engineering of the firmware of the device. Analysis of Lua scripts on device and device interaction with the server of the system. General flaws in the security of the system. At the end of the presentation, it is planned to show the definition of geolocation of devices. Demonstrating of the attack on the end device through a fake base station or via SMS gateway. Reconfigure the target device. And writing to the CANbus.

About Arthur Garipov

Senior Specialist, Network Application Security Team, Positive Technologies Artur was born in 1987. He is a graduate of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, was a software developer at OZNA and an independent security researcher. He started his career at Positive Technologies in 2014. Now he is engaged in security research of wireless technologies, mobile systems, and IoT. He is also an organizer of the MiTM Mobile contest and hands-on lab at PHDays V-VII