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Busting the DLP Myth Using Data Mining and Machine Learning

Dani Goland

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For years and years, anti-malware solutions, across many levels of the network, have been assisted by online anti-virus aggregation services and online sandboxes to extend their detection level and identify unknown threats. But this power booster comes with a price tag.

Even today, enterprises all over the world are using security solutions that instead of protecting the data, are suspecting it as malicious and sharing it with online multi-scanners. The result is drastic. What separates a hacker from extracting all that data on a daily basis is a couple of hundreds euros, monthly. A price which could be covered easily if that hacker finds a man of interest. In just a couple of days, one skilled hacker can build an intelligence platform that could be sold in 10 times the money they invested.

The data is being leaked daily and the variety is endless. We even found Fortune 500 emails with sensitive data, PDFs with salaries and plans, and even highly sensitive intellectual property shared between board of directors.

It's time enterprises would face the truth and dig into their products' configurations to disable that option and stop the leakage. We will show how we built an intelligence tool that collects and extract insights from the leaked data using Data Science and Machine Learning techniques.


Dani Goland is a 23 year old coding machine. At the age of 20 he founded his own boutique company for innovative software and hardware solutions. While gaining experience in the business field, Dani did not neglect his hands-on capabilities. In just a short while he won two coding competitions, one of which was held by eBay. Dani recently relocated from Israel to the United States to study Data Science at the prestigious UC Berkeley. During his studies, Dani found VirusBay, a collaborative malware research community which skyrocket amongst the global security community with over 700 researchers. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a commander of a Field Intelligence unit, Dani went on an 8-month journey across South America. He loves snowboarding, music concerts, and having crazy, breathtaking experiences such as spending 5 days in the Bolivian Jungle with no food or water.