Wen Xu Research Intern, KEEN Team

Wen Xu is an security research intern at KEEN Team (@K33nTeam) and his primary focus is on Linux(Android) kernel bug finding and Android root exploitation. He is also interested in other advanced exploitation techniques. Currently he is a full-time undergraduate major in Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In the past year, he keeps working on Android root exploitation at KEEN Team. He has certain experience on Linux kernel bug analysis and he is also familiar with the modern skills and methods in rooting and Linux kernel mitigation bypassing. Besides rooting, he is the Pwn2own winner as he took part in the Pwn2own Adobe Reader category exploitation work with KEEN Team this year.

As a big fan of CTF games, Wen Xu is the vice-captain of worldwide well-known CTF team 0ops, which won this year’s CodeGate CTF Final.

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