Fatih Ozavci Principal Security Consultant, Sense of Security

Fatih Ozavci is a Security Researcher, Principal Security Consultant with Sense of Security, and the author of the Viproy VoIP Penetration Testing Kit. Fatih has discovered several previously unknown security vulnerabilities and design flaws in IMS, Unified Communications, Embedded Devices, MDM, Mobility and SAP integrated environments for his customers. He has completed several unique penetration testing services during his career of more than 15 years. His current research is based on securing IMS/UC services, IPTV systems, attacking mobile VoIP clients, VoIP service level vulnerabilities, SaaS, mobility security testing, hardware hacking and MDM analysis. Fatih has presented his VoIP and mobile research at BlackHat USA’14, DefCon 22 and 21, Troopers’15, Cluecon 2013 and Ruxcon 2013. He has also provided VoIP and Mobility Security Testing training at AustCert’14, Kiwicon’15 and Troopers’15 events.

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