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Mobile App Attack

Sneha Rajguru

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Mobiles Apps are the most preferred way of delivering the attacks today. Understanding the finer details of Mobile App attacks is soon becoming an essential skill for penetration testers as well as for the app developers & testers.

So, if you are an Android or an iOS User, a developer, a security analyst, a mobile pen-tester or just a mobile security enthusiast then the 'Mobile App Attack' is of definite interest to you, as the Mobile App Attack familiarizes attendees with in-depth technical explanation of some of the most notorious mobile (Android and iOS) based vulnerabilities, ways to verify and exploit them. Along with the various Android, iOS application analysis techniques, inbuilt security schemes and teaches how to bypass those security models on both the platforms.

With live demos using intentionally crafted real-world vulnerable Android and iOS apps by the author, we shall look into the some of the common ways as to how the malicious apps bypass the security mechanisms or misuse the given permissions. Apart from that we shall have a brief understanding of what is so special with the latest Android 7 and iOS 10 security and the relating flaws.

About Sneha Rajguru

Sneha works as a Security Consultant with Payatu software labs LLP.Her area of interest lies in Web application and mobile application security and fuzzing. She has discovered various serious application flaws within open source applications such as PDFLite.Jobberbase, Lucidchart and many opensource wordpress plugins and many more. She is also an active member of Null – The open security community in India, and a contributor to regular meetups at the Pune chapter. She has spoken and provided training at GNUnify, FUDCon, Defcamp#6, Nullcon, BSidesLV and DefCon 24.